Anonymous PGA golfer says there is one player on Tour who ‘everyone knows he’s a cheater’

There is one notorious cheater on the PGA tour, according to an article written for Golf Digest by an anonymous tour pro. In the wake of Lexi Thompson losing a major over a controversial penalty related to marking her ball on a green, and Phil Mickelson’s subsequent comments saying some Tour pros are “loose” with marking balls on the PGA Tour, one Tour golfer has come forth with some striking comments on the subject. While the author didn’t name any names, he listed a number of details that could tip off ardent observers to the identity of the golfer in question, noting that the player uses a long putter and wears loose shirts, presumably to obscure another method of cheating: anchoring the putter to the body. After the round with the alleged cheater, the author of the story refused to sign the player’s scorecard, citing the player’s anchoring of his putter, leading to a dispute in the scoring trailer. Golf on Yahoo! Sports – News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games

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